Saturday, 21 November 2015

Gift and Wishes at the Coast Collective

One month before Christmas!  I do love the holiday season, the lights the special displays in all the stores, the smiles, the gifts, the festivities and the creative artisan craft shows.  The "Gift for Myself and Others" show is almost over (only one more day) and another artisan show that I am in is set to open on Wednesday, November 25th exactly one month before that most holy, special day.  

Every year I say that I should not enter artisan shows as they are so much work and you never know just how much you will sell.  Will you recover the cost of your booth and the supplies?  Will the time spent planning and arranging and getting ready for the show be worthwhile?  Then there is the hassle of packing all of your wares in the car, unpacking and setting up, not to mention dismantling and packing back up in the dark!

Once I actually do take the time to plan and arrange to be in a show though, I love it!  There is a special pleasure in watching people smile as they pass your booth.  I delight in watching someone take great care in choosing their special doll or "critter" and hearing them tell you how talented you are.  It makes all the time worthwhile and validates your art.  I love the connection with people that you meet and who love your work.  They stop and chat and tell you where that gift is going, or how they remember your last show.  It is so much fun to tell them about your work and share the joy of creating.

So I am here to tell you that I will have a couple of special larger pieces in the "Gift and Wishes" show that is set to open at noon on Wednesday, November 25th at the Coast Collective:

I have a special dragon and a fun Santa, riding a Canada goose no less!  Here is a glimpse of these creations:

This will be our last show at the current location as in the New Year we are moving so please come out and enjoy Pendray House and the scenic grounds but especially the very special art and creations of over 100 Vancouver Island artisans!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Wooly Critters Explosion

I cannot believe that November is here!  Halloween has come and gone and now the stores are displaying Christmas items.  It is a reminder of how quickly time can get away from us.  It is a reminder that life is precious and fleeting and must be lived to the fullest.

Well, on that vein I have been madly crafting my Wooly Critters for the first artisan craft show that I will be in this season, "Gifts for Myself and Others":

This show is always lovely and features artisans from southern Vancouver Island.  I will be displaying some of my art dolls and I will be featuring my "Wooly Critters":

Meet the sweet black and white kitties.

Cat Buglars ready to steal your heart.

A Scottish Kat that is kooky and fun.

The ever lovable Bandits.
The bunnies begin to appear,

and they come in sunny yellow,

and they come in soft florals,

Are they not the cutest thing ever?
Finally one last set of cats to tempt you to visit the show.  I have many, many more including a pride of lions! (photos in my next post).

The wee blue cats hope you will come back soon, bye for now!