Monday, 14 March 2016

Steampunk Crows

As I promised a while ago, I have finished two more steampunk crows.  This time I made them a touch larger as they stand about 12" when finished on their stands.

I used a lovely black Italian wool (given to me by a lovely lady) for their bodies and some gray with a black lace overlay for their wings.  I think they turned out great.  As always, I used the Frowning Francis pattern as a template (a great resource that you can find on Dealmakers Journey site).  I also added some embroidery on his body and tail using the feather stitch and the fly stitch in grass and dark blue.

The first crow, I named "A Balanced Life" after the song "Bird on a Wire" as sung by L. Cohen:

                   Like a bird on a wire,... I have tried, in my way, to be free"

The next crow I used the same fabric but I found a great old hole puncher that I used for his stand.  The arms of the hole punch look like bird legs.
Here is "Luck be a Lady":

The two crows bid you farewell and may luck be on your side in a balanced, happy life!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Critter Alert II

OK so here is the second batch of Wooly Critters made this month.  I just had to make another Grumpy Cat using the remains of the original three sweaters I used previously and a very felted sweater with an interesting turquoise and gold border (so felted that I had to add the other bits to come up with one kitty cat:

"Oh goody, a fish buddy, seriously!"

Next, I had to make an elephant baby as I came across a soft gray cashmere sweater!  I was inspired by the elephant I saw on Facebook from "Sweet Poppy Cat".  She inspires me to continue on my own Wooly Critter journey:

Next I had a brain wave of an idea.  I love mermaids and I love cats so why not put the two together!  I made a "Purrmaid":

I used another sweater bit to give her a fun starfish toy.

Her neck ruffle can be removed and so can the tulle addition on her tail

I just love her so I gave her two wee hearts on her back to gol along with the heart on her front.  I will have to bring her to the Coast Collective to show her off as she is just so darn cute!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Critter Alert

I have a new batch of wool sweaters as I took advantage of the end of winter sales at many of our local thrift stores.  This translates into more of my "wooly critters" as they are so much fun to make.

In honour of the Chinese Year of the Monkey, I designed some monkey sweater critters using a yellow and striped wool sweater:

 Monkeys like to stick together in a group so I made a baby monkey using a very soft cappuccino coloured sweater:

 I gave the baby monkey the traditional "red lips" to mimic the sock monkeys made with the red-toed work socks:

Finally, I made some wee puppies as I have none in stock and I had a perfect sweater that to me, suggested "puppies":

The puppies are very friendly and look forward to having friends join them.  Perhaps a grumpy cat or two will come out and play?