Saturday, 8 October 2016

Titania in Fairyland

As I mentioned in my last post, the cloth-a-dollics hosted Angela Jarecki, a talented doll artist, to teach Titania in a three day, hands-on workshop.  

I loved Angela's gentle and knowledgeable style and I loved her dolls!  After the workshop, I spent the following week completely the doll by designing some pixie shoes out of ultra suede and giving her an environment.  I also finished her wings and gave her my personal "over the top" style.  Here she is:

Titania says goodbye for now:

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Angela Jarecki Workshop

This past weekend the Cloth-a-dollics hosted Angela Jarecki, a talented cloth and mixed-media doll maker, at Heritage Acres in Victoria, BC.

Her dolls are beautiful and evoke the innocence and fantasy of childhood:

She was teaching a wee doll in this three day workshop, that is pictured below. She is all cloth with a face overlay to hide the centre seam.  Her faces are coloured using watercolour pencils.  She even provided a pattern for the wee donkey:
Angela is a lovely lady and a great teacher.  She was very informative, very giving, and very organized.  We loved hosting this wonderful teacher and would recommend her to any doll club wanting to learn her techniques.  

Here are samples of her "Windows" techniques that she used to practice colouring the all important faces:

Stay tuned next week for my finished doll from her workshop.  I love her and cannot wait to make another doll using some of the techniques that I learned from Angela Jarecki.