Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Teddy Bears Galore

During the last month I have been making teddy bears!  I love making mohair teddies, bunnies and cats and I decided to make some and take a break from art dolls.

Here they are:

A bear wanna be bunny


Ready with her Easter bonnet

The Easter bonnet

This bunny is about 19" tall

A Himalayan kitty, 16" tall


Funny little guy with his crocheted toy

So sweet with her big nose!

A hand knit tunic

Panda love

About 16" tall

A large black bear made from a faux fur coat

such a big fellow at 22"

Su Ling lying in the sun

Paddington with his red wool coat

What a 12" sweet

Big 20" bunny with long, long ears

Big blue glass eyes

A wee 5" sweet bear wearing a muff and hat

Peter Rabbit is ready for Easter

Checkers is about 15" long

Elfin sweet bear

A big 18" fellow

Another 5" bear ready for the sock hop

Bye for now


  1. These are SO cute! And, so MANY -- how long have you been working on them? That many teddies would have taken me all year!

  2. Thanks Arley. The teddies were started in January of this year. By the way, I love, love the new dolls on your blog. I do appreciate how you share your step by step process. I always forget to do that!