Sunday, 29 March 2020

Abigail's Dream Adventures

In this troubling time of virus worry I am staying safe and inside as much as possible.  I was contacted by Karen E. Franks, an author, that lives in Bermuda to make wooly critters to bring her children's story characters to life.  I gladly accepted the challenge.

Karen's book (Abigail's Dream Adventures) feature a little girl who dreams of wonderful adventures with close friends whenever she falls asleep.  The four main characters are:

Agatha (french Canadian, red hair, blue eyes)
Pearl (Blonde girl )
Troy (a boy that loves to colour graffiti with crayons)

Here are some illustrations in her story:

I made the four main characters using wool sweaters that I felted in the washing machine and then cut and made into adorable children dressed as animals. I loved the results:

First is Abigail, dressed as a kitten fairy with her pet unicorn, of course:

Next is one of her best friends, Pearl, the little blonde haired girl dressed as a squirrel with her pet kitty:

Next is Agatha, a french Canadian girl with red hair and blue eyes. I dressed her as a frog with her pet dog (her dog is shown in the book as her companion):

Finally, there is Troy, a fun loving, crayon carrying boy dressed as a mischievous monkey:
Troy carries his crayons anywhere he goes and a wee frog tags along with him,

I am happy to report that Karen loved my rendition of her sweet characters and we are waiting for this mess to clear before I send her the sweet darlings.

Stay safe, stay indoors and this too shall pass my friends!

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