Saturday, 17 August 2019

Raven the Mystic

The Coast Collective is having a show entitled "3-D" and I have entered a second Raven doll that I made.  This doll was inspired by the marvellous doll maker Arley Berryhill:

I used a sequinned fabric for her gown.  It was a great fabric as it was two toned black and teal depending on how you rubbed the sequins.  The mask she is wearing was made from textured paper unto light cardboard that was then dry brushed with antique gold and teal highlights.  She has a bird skull at the centre of her head dress.

Here she is with her face revealed:

I was very pleased with the final doll.  She is a stump doll and stands on her own at about 26".  She is at the 3D show at the Coast Collective starting this coming Wednesday, August 21st.  The show is on until September 1st.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Wooly Critters Abound

Well, we are into July and I have started preparing for the Christmas craft season, yes Christmas in July!

I have been collecting yummy wool sweaters that are past their prime for wearing but just begging to be made into huggable, loveable wooly creations.  I have finished my first batch and here they are:

A new critter, a Sloth!

The Joyful sisters

 I was inspired by fellow Coast Collective artist, Tracy Leal, to make "robot" critters based on her sweet illustrations.  She was delighted for me to try my hand at bringing her work to life so here are my first few robots:
Notice the wee booklet by Tracy in the Robot's pocket.
This one was in progress as he needs a hand, pocket and a few details!

More robots to follow and definitely more huggable creations, enjoy!

Saturday, 15 June 2019

RAVEN Art Doll

Well once again, Arley has inspired me to try my hand at making my own Raven Doll.  Here she is:

 I used an east indian pillow cover that was in shades of purple and I add some dark dyes.  I kept some aside for appliqu├ęs on her head dress and sleeves.  She is all cloth, a stump doll with doe suede for face and black doe suede for hands.  I also gessoed the face before adding her features.  I was very happy with the results.
 I made her a paper "beak" mask that can be put over her face so that she looks more like a raven.

Here is the second version I made this time using a two tone sequin fabric for her body overlay:

This is the beginning of this particular face:

Here is her finished face:
See you all in a while.  I am back making teddy bears for now!

Monday, 20 May 2019

A Week Away

I spend a wonderful week in Courtney, BC with four good friends.  We rented a house on Dove Creek (called Dove Creek Farm) and the place was even better than advertised:

Charles and one of the two horses
The two brothers grazing in one of the nine paddocks

The back view of the house with Mason bee homes under the eaves

Dove Creek from the trail on the property

Another view from the trails

One of the three trails as seen from our back porch

We had a glorious time and even took time out from our mad creations to visit the Farmer's market and downtown Courtney (including the thrift stores!) Fun had by all!

Here is a sneak look at some of our ventures:

Four of us were making a wee Waldorf doll

We made wee elephants (6" tall)

Bobbi's sweet dolly in progress

Joan's Raven doll waiting for hands and a head!
There will be a future post to reveal all of the finished (or almost finished) projects!

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Charlie Patricolo Workshop

Twice a year our doll club has a doll making retreat at Heritage Acres in Saanich, BC.  This year we hosted a wonderful cloth doll maker, Charlie Patricolo.  Her dolls are all cloth, some with wire armature, most without.  This class was meant to be especially useful for beginning doll makers.

Charlie brought a number of her dolls for us to inspect.  What fun we had.

Everyone enjoyed the workshop and learned many tips on making all cloth dolls with soft sculpted faces.  Here are a few photos of the dolls in progress:

I made one doll in class and finished the costuming at home and them promptly made a second doll!
Francesca and her kitty

A closeup of her wild hair

My second doll, I named her Lidia and she makes teddy bears

As many of you know, I love taking workshops.  It is so much fun to learn new techniques and create with like minded peers in a warm and giving environment.  I look forward to my next doll making adventure in mid-May so stay tuned!