Sunday, 15 October 2017

Maggie Goes Shopping

A couple of weeks ago about a dozen members of my doll group, the Cloth-a-Dollics, met at Heritage Acres in Victoria for a three day doll crafting weekend.  The weather was perfect, crisp, sunny with fall in the air.  The company was lively, giving and ready to play dolls.  

About five of us had decided to make an elinor peace bailey doll pattern called "Maggie Goes Shopping".  e p bailey is the guru of cloth doll clubs and has introduced many of us into the fun, fantastic world of cloth art dolls.  Her patterns represent cloth dolls that are made from colourful patterned fabrics.  The finished dolls are full of personality and represent girls/women and boys/men at their best.

I decided to make two "Maggie's", as I had too many colourful fabrics to use in only one doll.  This doll pattern was created by elinor for her grand daughter and has about 16 colourful yo-yos as part of her outfit as well as wooden beads for joints at the wrist, elbow, shoulder, thigh, knee, and ankle. What fun I had in making my "Maggie" and "Maddie" dolls:  First comes Maggie with jewel tones and purple hair:

A close up of her yo-yo Monkey I made her

I used "Halloween" hair from the dollar store for her funky hair-do!

She just loves to shop and cannot help but wear all her new clothes at once!

Next comes Maddie with soft pastel colours and pinkish/mauve hair, holding a bunny:
Maddie is a "girly girl" that loves soft pastel colours in her outfit, she would have fit in nicely in the 60's peace movement

I gave her hand crocheted flowers and silk bows for her mauve/pink hair

Instead of a monkey, she has a shy, soft fuzzy bunny that I made for her.  She takes her bunny with her everywhere.

Maggie and Maddie are sisters and best friends.  They love, love to shop together!

Have fun making colourful dolls of your own and indulge your inner child!  See you in a week with a Halloween witch kitty.


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