Monday, 20 May 2019

A Week Away

I spend a wonderful week in Courtney, BC with four good friends.  We rented a house on Dove Creek (called Dove Creek Farm) and the place was even better than advertised:

Charles and one of the two horses
The two brothers grazing in one of the nine paddocks

The back view of the house with Mason bee homes under the eaves

Dove Creek from the trail on the property

Another view from the trails

One of the three trails as seen from our back porch

We had a glorious time and even took time out from our mad creations to visit the Farmer's market and downtown Courtney (including the thrift stores!) Fun had by all!

Here is a sneak look at some of our ventures:

Four of us were making a wee Waldorf doll

We made wee elephants (6" tall)

Bobbi's sweet dolly in progress

Joan's Raven doll waiting for hands and a head!
There will be a future post to reveal all of the finished (or almost finished) projects!


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