Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mysterious Fashionista

The Cloth-a-dollics are having a doll challenge this September called "Mood".  Since I am going to Toronto for vacation and will not be back until the week of the doll club meeting I decided to make my doll now.

I decided on which mood I wanted and I choose "mysterious".  Now I have always wanted to make a fashionista doll asI love, love watching Project Runway.  I remembered a "haute couture" gown made by Mondo Guerra in Season 8 (I think) of Project Runway that I loved.  I googled the gown and started collecting appropriate fabrics:

I choose the fabrics (I did make one change as you will see).  The colours are true to the original gown.  I used the Arley Berryhill "Candlestick Diva" pattern for the doll and off I went.

Here is the finished face of the doll:

I wanted to try colouring the face with bolder strokes (inspired by the talented Linda Misa) and I used watercolour pencils, art pencils and sigma markers.  I used three different yards for the hair.

To make her "mysterious" I added a hat fascinator that covers part of her face.

As you can see, I substituted the yellow cotton for a silk checked fabric to add more lustre.  
Here is a final close up of the hat I made using bias tape stuffed with pipe cleaners.

Does she look "mysterious" enough?  She is quite tall at about 23" in height without the hat and 26" with the hat.  I had fun making her and hope that she will be enjoyed at the big reveal in mid September.


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