Sunday, 4 October 2015

More Wooly Critters

As many of you know, I have been making what I call "Wooly Critters" from felted thrift store sweaters.  This November and December I will be in a couple of local craft shows so I have to get busy and make, make, make.  I do love creating!

I thought you might like to see my newest creations of critters:

This wee white kitten is made from a cashmere sweater and oh so soft!

Meet "Wild Thing" made from a "Spanner cotton, acrylic and fur sweater

Showing their cute back sides

Midnight is spoken for and going to a good home here in Victoria.

Midnight's brother "Spook" is made from the same chenille black and gold sweater as "Midnight"

Wee Spunky is made from a Merino navy blue sweater with added cashmere details

I just had to add a bunch of hearts down his backside

Love Monster

Daisy Mae

Meet Rosie, she is going to a fine home in Duncan

Rosie was made from a cotton sweater and has a cashmere face!

This is Susie's older sister, Candy.

Candy is a very special girl

This is Dapper Dan.  He loves bowties

This is Rascal bidding you farewell for now! He too has a good home.

Thursday, 1 October 2015


A couple of weeks ago five women in a SUV travelled from Victoria, BC to Redmond, Washington to see Halloween art dolls.  Of course we could not travel south of the border without shopping both on the way down and then on the way back up!

The name of the event is Hallowbaloo and it was fabulous!  This was only the second year for this one day only event and we hope that it continues as we want to make this an annual trip.  Redmond is a suburb of Seattle Washington and the home of Microsoft.  A lovely town, very green with great shopping including a Saturday market.

We got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up for the show.  We each had a bright witch's hat and wore sweaters that matched our hats.  We did not confer and yet we managed to have five different looks, a lime green witch (me), a purple witch, a red witch, a black witch, and a blue-gray witch.  What fun!  Here is just the first table: artist Kimberly Kingsley-Griffinwyse

But wait there is more: artist Kat Anderson

Are you excited yet?  We were overwhelmed with excitement.  Here is yet another table you may have seen her creations in the latest Prims magazine:

Now another: David Bruce of Acorn Cottage:

Now here is Sheryl Parsons and her magical pumpkins:
and now Pam Pontious and her bears: in this case lab rats

What can we say but that we loved the Zombienose creations:

Finally there is the talented Grim Grinz artwork:

There were more talented artists and we loved them all!  Needless to say, all five of us made one or two or three special purchases and who would blame us!

We also shopped at Joanne Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Pacific Fabrics and the outlet stores not to mention the duty free, whew!  We also visited a bargain book shop and the local Saturday market as well as some of the awesome stores in Redmond Town Centre.

Only 300+ days to go for our next Halloween shopping/fun extravaganza.


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