Saturday, 13 April 2019

Charlie Patricolo Workshop

Twice a year our doll club has a doll making retreat at Heritage Acres in Saanich, BC.  This year we hosted a wonderful cloth doll maker, Charlie Patricolo.  Her dolls are all cloth, some with wire armature, most without.  This class was meant to be especially useful for beginning doll makers.

Charlie brought a number of her dolls for us to inspect.  What fun we had.

Everyone enjoyed the workshop and learned many tips on making all cloth dolls with soft sculpted faces.  Here are a few photos of the dolls in progress:

I made one doll in class and finished the costuming at home and them promptly made a second doll!
Francesca and her kitty

A closeup of her wild hair

My second doll, I named her Lidia and she makes teddy bears

As many of you know, I love taking workshops.  It is so much fun to learn new techniques and create with like minded peers in a warm and giving environment.  I look forward to my next doll making adventure in mid-May so stay tuned!


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