Sunday, 20 November 2016

Christmas Craft Shows

 It has been awhile since my last post as I have been crazy busy getting ready for two craft shows.  The first is just over and it was a success!  I featured my christmas ornaments and my "Wooly Critters" as well as my Owl backpacks at the "Gifts for Myself and Others" show at the Da Vinci Centre in Victoria, BC.  

The "Wooly Critters" were a huge success as were my ornaments.  I sold my three backpacks as well.  It is very rewarding watching people walk by and break into a huge smile.  I knew then that I had done a good job in bringing my whimsy to life.

My Christmas bunnies sold out as did my backpacks. They were so much fun to make and I will make the bunnies again for the next holiday season.  Here are just a sampling:

As you can see they are about 7" or so to the tip of their ears.
Once I finished with the wee bunny girls I decided to alter the jacket pattern and create some bunny boys:

In addition to the bunnies I also made some snowmen and angel ornaments as well as some foxes and raccoons but the bunnies were the favourites, I think due to my "over the top" embroidery on the front and back of the coats and jackets.  Here are a few of the back of the pieces:

Well now on to the next show which starts on Wednesday, November 23rd at the Coast Collective Art Centre in Colwood BC, the "Gift and Wishes" show.  Luckily I saved some special ornaments and critters for this show as well!  

That is all for now and I hope that you remember to support your local artists and buy local this holiday season!  It is not the quantity but the quality of the gift that matters.  Everyone appreciates a special hand made gift from a local artisan, I know I do!


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