Thursday, 30 June 2016

Critter Mania

I have been busy making my "Wooly Critters".  They are just so addictive that once I start making one, another idea comes into my mind and I have to make another, and another, and another...  I plan to sell them at a winter Christmas Craft show. 

I make them with thrift store sweaters that I wash in hot water and soap to felt them.  I then design my "Critter" and start sewing.  Here are a few of the wee ones I have made to date.

First is :  "Wild thing, you make my heart sing!":

Next wee one is called:  Steampunk Joe:

This kitty says, "It's not easy being Green":

This Little Doggie found a bone:

Who says I am Goofy? Well, maybe just a little:

Grumpy cat says, "Hot pink and ruffles, really...?"

I laugh at you Grumpy cat, you are so funny "Giggles" says:

The Chesire cat reminds us that we are all mad here!

Until next time when there will be raccoons and foxes, oh my!


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