Saturday, 13 July 2019

Wooly Critters Abound

Well, we are into July and I have started preparing for the Christmas craft season, yes Christmas in July!

I have been collecting yummy wool sweaters that are past their prime for wearing but just begging to be made into huggable, loveable wooly creations.  I have finished my first batch and here they are:

A new critter, a Sloth!

The Joyful sisters

 I was inspired by fellow Coast Collective artist, Tracy Leal, to make "robot" critters based on her sweet illustrations.  She was delighted for me to try my hand at bringing her work to life so here are my first few robots:
Notice the wee booklet by Tracy in the Robot's pocket.
This one was in progress as he needs a hand, pocket and a few details!

More robots to follow and definitely more huggable creations, enjoy!


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