Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Steampunk Crows

Well as many of you know by now, I love steampunk and making steampunk crows/ravens is too much fun.  Here are some photos of four of my latest crows. Two have been sold and two are at the Coast Collective Art Centre for sale.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Steampunk Cage Doll

This is the second cage doll I have made, the first one, the traditional "Santos" cage doll, I will reveal later.

I made the "cage" using two pieces of wood (circular 5", square 4") from Michaels and some 12" wood "rulers" also from Michaels.  I cut the 12" rulers down to about 11" and glued and nailed the rulers to the bases.  I then used Arley's "candlestick diva" pattern to make the doll stump.

Finally, I could steampunk it up!  Steampunk is Victorian fashion with a futuristic, metal and spare parts assemblage to resemble something that you might see in a gentle "Mad Max" movie.

I love the result as you can embellish with unusual and found materials to your heart's content, and I did!
 I added some torn pages to the inside of the cage for interest and to age the piece.
 I added scrolls to her face and two "fancy" keys.  I painted her hair for the bare, strong look.

 I had fun with the arms and the joints using unusual joints that made it look more steampunk.
 The steampunk heart she is holding is made from polymer clay.

 The metal wings allows her imagination to fly!
 She keeps her scissors on the ready.

The hat is made from ultra suede with added keys, feathers and a tape measure hat band.


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