Saturday, 17 August 2019

Raven the Mystic

The Coast Collective is having a show entitled "3-D" and I have entered a second Raven doll that I made.  This doll was inspired by the marvellous doll maker Arley Berryhill:

I used a sequinned fabric for her gown.  It was a great fabric as it was two toned black and teal depending on how you rubbed the sequins.  The mask she is wearing was made from textured paper unto light cardboard that was then dry brushed with antique gold and teal highlights.  She has a bird skull at the centre of her head dress.

Here she is with her face revealed:

I was very pleased with the final doll.  She is a stump doll and stands on her own at about 26".  She is at the 3D show at the Coast Collective starting this coming Wednesday, August 21st.  The show is on until September 1st.


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