Saturday, 24 June 2017

Fluevog Shoes

At last!  Today was the grand opening of the first Fluevog Shoe store in Victoria BC on Johnston Street.  The shoes are works of art!  I would not know which ones to try on!  Here is a sampling:

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Comic Relief

I did not make the doll I am sharing here today.

I am sharing it  for some comic relief for my friends "in the know":

Question:  What happens when one fails to settle one's debts?

Answer:  One is left out in the cold!

Yes, poor Bentley the butler has been let go.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Black and White Challenge

Our doll club, the Cloth-a-dollics has a new challenge that is due tomorrow: create a cloth doll piece using only black and white and one colour.

For this challenge, I wanted to try something different, a primitive or "Prim" design so I chose a wonderful design by "Pixies Thimble" Etsy shop.  I did two dolls of course, in honour of Canada's 150 birthday: so black and white and red

They are quite large, at 21" seated and so have quite the presence.  I just loved making them.  I used a plain cotton fabric for the face and body and then used acrylic paint and markers for the details.  The arms and legs are make of cotton fabrics in black and white as are the clothes.  The colour I choose, of course was red in honour of the Canadian flag.

I was so thrilled with this fun project that I promptly made more "prim" animals once again using Pixie Thimble's designs.

First the sweet elephant, ready for her party:

 Next is the Froggie that is going "courting":

 Last, but with more to come, is the brown bunny that wants to show off his rather large radish: 

I had great fun using my cotton fabrics for the outfits and my acrylic paints to make sure the critters were just right in their features.

I want to use these techniques to make some Christmas ornaments in this "prim" style for something different than my usual (I will make my usual felt ornaments as well though!).

Bye for now.


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