Thursday, 14 March 2019

Waldorf Doll Workshop

I have always wanted to make natural material soft dolls in the style of Waldorf dolls and this year I was lucky enough to have just this opportunity!

In February the first Dollfolk Handwork Festival was held in Portland Oregon and I signed up for a workshop with Fabs from Fig and Me

I met many like minded ladies and I had a great time despite the cold wintry February weather.  The next festival will be held in the month of April or May, the organizers assured us so.

Here are pictures of what I made and of the workshop:

This is the model doll. She is 12.5" tall and so sweet.

A fellow doll maker's progress

Pinning the hair cap in place

My dolly all skinned and waiting for limbs

Here is my finished dolly, Francesca with a jumper and sweater made by Fabs

Her knitted beret made by me

Francesca's friend, Phoebe, made by a fellow Canadian from Kelowna

A wee one wearing a cape made by Fabs

All ready for a wintry day (see still needs her boots)

 The following are the process photos of constructing the head:

As soon as I returned to Victoria, I completed my second doll:

Meet Pippi, a sweet, fun loving girl who loves her monkey

Hand knitted cap and vest

Here she is showing off her outfit

Bye for now, time for a cup of java
I am now sure that I want to make more of these little darlings this year!


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