Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Snowflake Family

I was missing snow this holiday season (well in theory anyway) so I decided to make some felt snow people.  I dug out a pattern that I purchased a few years ago called "Snowflake" (available on etsy from Braidcraft) and I started.

As usual I had so many ideas for snow people that I made an entire snow family which I named the Snowflake family after the pattern that inspired these critters.

First I made wee Frosty:

I added a string of lights ( a Christmas necklace) that has an on/off button.  I added a wee bird on the top of his hat and a large snowflake (in honour of his family name).

Next I decided to make him a wee sister:  She is truer to the pattern with earmuffs and a sparkly pompom nose.  Both Frosty and his sister Snowblower has glass bead eyes and black beads for a smile.

The back of wee Snowflower showing the snowflake.
Now these snow kids need parents so Mr and Mrs Snowflake were born:

 It is hard to tell on my photo, but mom has a purple/mauve topcoat and green mitts while dad has a black hat and black mitts.  Both mom and dad have hand-knitted scarves.
Finally I added a Snow nonna (granny):

Nonna has a green knit hat with a velveteen red hat on top and a hand-knitted scarf that is red and green.

She has  twigs for arms and is holding an ornament. 

Here is the entire Snowflake family:

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Doll Club Christmas Exchange

Last week our doll club the Cloth-a-dollics had our potluck Christmas meeting and our Christmas gift exchange.  This year the pattern that was chosen to make was from the Autumn 2005 Art Doll Quarterly magazine:

The members who wanted to participate were to use the pattern provided in the magazine and make a doll to give to a fellow club member.  No-one knows who the doll would be given to as the gift exchange is random to allow the maker the freedom to use fabrics that they love.

The meeting was a lot of fun as there was plenty of food to go around, lots of social catch up with fellow members and a fun, fun gift reveal:

As you can see all of the dolls were quite different and all were beautiful.  I received the fuchsia beauty with the embroidered and beaded details seen in the photo above.

The doll I made for the exchange was the "deer girl" (yes I did alter the pattern a wee bit, lol!):

I gave my girl antlers using pipe cleaners wrapped with brown floral tape.  The body suit was a pale pink dupioni silk with sleeves, boots and hood made of faux suede trimmed with faux fur.  I also added "deer spots" on her hood, arms and boots.  Her dress I made from a ocean blue sweater I had that no longer fit.  For the finishing details I added Christmas lights caught up in her antlers, a pompom tie, a pale pink scarf and a snowflake for her to hold.

I love the way she turned out, so I made her a sister (which I kept):

My deer girl has a deer hand puppet, arm warmers and leg warmers made from a sock as well as a soft blue fleece vest.

I enjoyed making my Deer Girls and I am thinking about making some to sell for next Christmas!


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