Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fairies, Fairies, Fairies

I will be participating in an artisan market at the Coast Collective called "Enchanted Forest" that will take place on Sunday, May 10th (Mother's Day).  I decided to make a few fairies as I love them and they are popular with many here on the West Coast.

I decided to use a pattern by the talented Karen Shifton (Damsel).  It makes a 10 inch fairy that is very adaptable as there is a choice of arms and legs.  Of course it is the finishing touches that makes this wee fairy unique.

I have named my fairies "Flutter FrouFrou Fairies" as they all have butterfly wings and enjoy acquiring "fancy stuff".  I love the way each fairy took on its own personality and I had great fun coming up with a wee bit of stuff about each one!  Without further ado here they are:  I cannot pick a favourite but do you have one?

Sweet Pea is the only one that has feather wings (she loves feathers!)

I hope you enjoyed my fairies.  The wings are made by either painting front and back with butterfly wing or using the Inkjet printer and printing on fabric some butterfly wings.  The wings are then cut out and a wire armature inserted (26 gauge) then the front and back are glued together.  I added several coats of Mod Podge and then some glitter for the fairy shine.

Notice that they all carry a single piece of bling (a loose earring) and they all carry a flower and ribbon.  Each has their own personality.  I would highly recommend this fun pattern.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Easter Goodies

Just in time for Easter I have finished a few of my mini bears and animals.  Here they are:

Candy Bear with her friends about 3.5" tall

A close-up of Candi and her ducky pull toy.

Felix Fox looking dapper with his ducky pull toy, about 4.5" tall

Fuzzy bear and ducky, about 3.5" tall

Peter Rabbit in his egg cup holding his chick and his felt carrot, 3.5" tall

Ducky bear and his larger ducky pull toy, 4.5" tall.
These creations and others are available for sale at the Coast Collective Art Centre in Colwood in Victoria, BC.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Alice, Alice

Well,  I have been busy with my last two Alice dolls.  The first is the baby Alice that is fascinated with her wee White Rabbit.

The face is cloth over paper clay and hand painted with acrylics, pencil crayons and sigma markers.  The old I used is Sherry Goshen's "Gillie" ( I love this sweet face). The body is all cloth.  Her hair is Tibetan goat that is curly and soft.  I love the way she turned out.  I just had to add a felt Cheshire cat overlooking the scene!

The wee White Rabbit is hand made in upholstery fabric with a felt vest.

The title for this wee Alice is "A Proper English Alice is never late!"
My final Alice is meant to be an older teenage Alice that fondly remembers her time in Wonderland especially when she dons the Mad Hatter's Hat. Her title is "Pondering Wonderland".

Her face is made from Deana Hogan's mold for "Averill".  I covered the face with fabric as the entire body is fabric.  The clothes are my design and made from vintage fabrics to give an old world charm.  I added a cloth Alice doll for this teen to hold.  Alice has her teacup of course!

The Mad Hatter's hat is all cloth.

The hair was a find as I obtained some porcelain wigs for free!
It is time for me to leave Alice behind and move on to Spring Fairies ready for Mother's Day!