Monday, 20 March 2017

Easter Bunnies

It is the first day of spring-yeh!

I have made a dozen wool felt bunnies to celebrate spring and Easter. The bunnies are 8"tall from the foot to the end of their bunny ears! Please enjoy them as they are going to the Coast Collective Art Centre this Wednesday and are for sale :

One of the bunnies is for a very special person in my life and I hope she enjoys it when it is gifted.  Enough said!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

More Mermaids Swim In

Well, as many of you know, once I start on a theme, I work in groups.  Once I finished my first mermaid piece, I started making another and then another.  I am presenting them now. 

The second mermaid, I call "Deep Waters".  She was inspired by the luscious embroidered black fabric that I had in my large stash.  I used Arley Beryhill's mermaid pattern as the starting point.  I used a cotton batik fabric for the flesh tones of her skin and then "skinned" her face after needle sculpting  (the technique I learned from Angela Jarecki).

I was very pleased with the results!  Next came the finishing touches of beading and trims, hair and her glamour mirror and a lovely shell seat.  Here she is:

Next, I wanted a full-figured mermaid.  Mermaids come in all shapes and sizes too!

I choose a pattern by Cyndi Mahlasdt (I took a workshop with her in the early 2000's).  I used a "doll skin" fabric (stretchy) for her skin and a bathing suit fabric for the body tail.  I just love this full figured mermaid gal:

I went to town on her embellishments, especially on her tail fin, back and headdress:

Tail fin with organza free-motion embroidery and hand beading plus added shells

Back with rouched and beaded trim and hand-dyed gauze shawl

Her face has purple glass eyes with added eyelids and nose details for that deep ocean fishy look.
Can you tell that I love to add details to my work?  Of course this mermaid "Amethyst" demand, in her gentle come hither way, to have a shell throne and I complied. 

I mad the throne using a wooded chair that was past it's prime (broken legs and spines) and used wire to reshape it into a throne.  I covered the chair and added shape by adding aluminum foil.  I then used plate cloth (available in craft stores) to cover the entire throne with strips of the cloth to strengthen the structure.  I waited for it to dry and then painted it and used celluclay (craft stores again) to add shells and pearls as part of the throne:

Back of throne showing velvet butterfly and organza seaweed

Side view showing embedded shells.
Well, I loved, loved making my mermaids and they will be featured in a local fine art show at the end of April (April 28-30) here in Sidney, BC.  I am providing the link to the show should you be in the Greater Victoria area and want to visit my mermaids (and many more pieces!).

Bye for now and hope to see you at the Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts Society Fine Arts Show.