Sunday, 18 March 2018

Teddies 2

Teddies are not out of my system yet.  I have a few more to share!  The first is a steampunk teddy and his little buddy: This is an adaptation of a wonderful pattern by Monica Spicer.

Next another Monica Spicer pattern, I call him Mulberry and Little Dude: I had fun embroidering the nose with multi-coloured cotton thread.

Finally, my latest favourite, the big dude teddy with the great big nose:  I knitted his sweater as a indigenous West Coast design and I both embroidered and waxed his nose.  He is quite the big, burly guy at 23" tall.  I had to use three different pieces of mohair for him, but he was worth the effort.

Signing off until after Easter when I return from my vacation in Toronto.  Enjoy the beginning of Spring and keep on creating!

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