Sunday, 23 September 2018

Warrior Women

I was inspired by Arley Berryhill's blog showing his Warrior Women.  I loved the image of the strong female character displayed outwardly using fur, leather and chains to represent the inner strength, character and knowledge that women possess.

I decided to make three Warrior Women to represent the three stages of women:

  • The young maiden, with her vitality, beauty and strength.

  • The mature mother figure Warrior with her confidence, fierceness and protective qualities.

  • Finally, the third Warrior Woman, the older sage, full of wisdom, knowledge and integrity.
For the Warrior Women series, I used Arley's "Candlestick Diva" pattern and then went to town with her exterior "armour", using fur, leather, chains, feathers, horns etc.

Here are the results:

The Maiden Warrior:

Next is the Mother Figure Warrior:

Finally, the Mature Warrior, the Sage:

The three Warrior Women together:

Until next time, bring out the inner Warrior in you for unity and strength for all!