Tuesday, 29 January 2019

2019 Warrior Woman

I cannot believe that a new year has dawned and the first month is coming to a close!  Time does pass swiftly.

The first doll of 2019 was inspired by some remnants of kimono fabric donated to me by a fellow member of the Coast Collective Art Centre.  I made another warrior woman with asian aspirations.  I am including the reference photos that inspired me for this creation.  I used Arley's Candlestick Diva pattern as the starting point ( I just love his patterns),

 The doll came together quite easily as I decided on the bones for her and had them in my stash from Halloween.  You can see some of the fabrics I piled up to use for her costume above.

 Notice that the candlestick I used in in shades of brown, just like her costume.  This was done by sanding and repainting the black candlestick and then adding a glossy sealant.

 The back of the Kimono is pieced with an accent silk piece of Kimono that was included in the package I received from my fellow artist.  I just love to work with silk as it drapes so nicely.
 The hair is done with a mix of yarns and I added fine braids for that messy, warrior effect.

 Her feather head dress was in my stash from an item I purchased in the summer at a local decorating store.  It worked perfectly in her hair.
I hope you enjoyed seeing her in photos.  Yes she does have real fur from remnants of an old fur coat I was given (the majority of the fur coat was repulsed into fur teddies in memory of a grandmother).

This warrior will be in a show at Tullista Park in Sidney BC the first week in May.

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