Wednesday 11 February 2015


I have always loved the Alice in Wonderland series and this year I have decided to try and made a few of the characters (there are so many to choose from!).  I have started with Alice of course.  This wee Alice is about 14" tall.  I started with a great face mould by Sherry Goshon (Gillie face mould) from Dollmakers Journey website (great place for cloth doll supplies).

I used paper clay for the face and then covered it with stretch fabric.  The body is all cloth and is a mix of different body patterns that I altered to make her stand and hold her two bunny friends!  Her hands are wired, using pipe cleaners to hold her felt white bunnies.  The bunny with the bow tie is the city bunny and the other is her country bunny.  Alice has always loved bunnies even before her trip to Wonderland.

Alice stands on her own due to the wire inside the legs and her sturdy shoes.  The clothes on Alice were made using a pattern by Judi Ward.  She has a petticoat and drawers as well as striped tights.  Her hair is a synthetic doll wig that I had in my stash and which was perfect for her.

Without further talk here she is:

Her face is painted with acrylic paints and pigma pens.

Her "country" white rabbit is all felt with an embroidered nose.

Her "city" white rabbit sports a silk bow tie.
Next month I will make the Mad Hatter!

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