Wednesday 11 June 2014

Black and White Challenge

Our doll club (the Cloth-a-Dollics) had a black and white challenge for the June meeting.  We were to make an all cloth doll using only black and white.  I chose to use the on-line class by Angela Jarecki (the Traveller) but I turned her into a mother cat travelling on the road with her two black and white kittens.

The on-line class by Angela Jarecki (DollStreet Dreamers site) was great.  The instructions were well written and I would recommend the class.  I was happy with the result.  I hope you enjoy her.

One of her kittens travels on her back in a special pouch

The doll is a stump doll (no legs)

A close up of the other  kitten she carries.

A side view.

A close up of her face.

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