Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Kitty Ornaments

I have finished my first batch of 16 kitty ornaments and thought I should share the results.  As many of you may know, I like to participate in one or two craft shows every Christmas and my followers have come to expect some ornaments from me as well as my "Wooly Critters" and art dolls.  Who am I to disappoint?

I made up my own wee pattern for the cats that involves a head and body made of woven cloth that is then gessoed and painted with acrylic paints to capture the face and upper body of the cat.  The limbs are from wool felt as it is easy to work with and comes in "kitty" colours.

Once the cats are assembled I add felt and tulle clothing and even some hand knitted hats and scarfs.  Finally the final touches may include jingle bells (to warn the birds), lace, embroidery and snowflakes or wreaths.  They are about 4" tall and can stand on their own, although I have added a fishing line loop to each one so they can hang on a tree as well.

I loved making them and hope you enjoy the results;

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