Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Spiral Cafe Show

I love living in Vic West.  It is such a funky, fun place to live and so close to downtown Victoria that I can walk along the waterfront and be downtown in less than 35minutes.

Our local cafe, the "Spiral Cafe" is a vibrant coffee shop that becomes a local gathering place. The shop is open from early in the morning to late in the evening with live music on weekends. The Spiral Cafe is a great place to meet friends, have a cup of a hot liquid, a bite to eat, and read a good book, or just do some people watching while taking in the colourful wall art.

The Spiral Cafe always have art work up on the wall from local artists.  I was very excited when Pam, the owner,  asked if I would like to feature my art dolls up at the Spiral Cafe.  I said yes immediately and just finished hanging my dolls this past Sunday.  My dolls will be up for the entire month.

I am pleased to say that my art dolls are being well received and I was so thrilled to see that people are actually buying my art dolls.  So far (and they have only been up 3 days), I have sold five pieces!

I am not a very good photographer but I am including some photos.  I tried to display my dolls in groupings.  I put fairy dolls together, fantasy diva dolls together, Alice in Wonderland dolls together, cats together and my wooly critters throughout.

Part of the cat grouping

My Alice in Wonderland grouping

My Diva Fantasy ladies grouping
A section of my Fairyland dolls
I would invite anyone in the greater Victoria area to check out the Spiral Cafe (they serve fresh homebred goods, coffees, teas, fresh homemade soups and great breads).  If you visit before March you will see my dolls up on the wall!

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