Wednesday 24 February 2016

The Bunnies are Coming for Easter

Last year at this time, I made four bunnies that were so much fun to make that I doubled the bunnies this year!

I redesigned my pattern to create an 8" bunny that has button jointed arms and legs.  I had so much fun adding embroidery and beading to their coats.  I just had to give the wee bunnies, bunny slippers too!

They are all made of premium wool felt with wool felt wool coats.  They all carry their fresh carrot. Now some of them have wee purses and one even sports a jaunty yellow sun hat!

I hope you enjoy my brood:

Here is Lady Bunny in a moss green coat with what else but ladybugs embroidered on!

 Of course I wanted her to be lovely from all sides, so the back of her coat is also decorated:

 Next comes Heather the bunny, named from the soft colour of her coat:

 This little gal is made from a vintage wool blanket!  Her name is Delphi.  I love her and thought she needed a wee purse to carry her carrot.

 This bunny is called Crocus as I tried to embroider crocus on her jacket.  I love the effect and found a wee Easter basket for her to carry her carrot and cabbages!

 Now this spry bunny is called Rosie and her coat is made from wool felt and a piece of checked felted wool.

She seems to be in a hurry.  She is going to find more carrots for her supper!
 This lovely lady in pale yellow coat is named Wisteria.  I love her soft look:

 Next is shy Blossom with her velour bunny slippers.  As you can see, she is sitting.  All the bunnies can either stand or sit due to the tight button joints that I added:

 I am very found of this next bunny as I got carried away with the embroidery.  She looks like she wears a coat of a wild English garden full of Cosmos, Forget-me-Nots and Snowdrops:

 Since her coat was over the top, I gave her a sun hat with a hand-dyed silk bow at the back.  If course she wanted a stylish purse to complete her look so I obliged:

I hope you enjoyed my bunny brood.  They are all for sale (ranging in price from $45. to $52 Canadian dollars) and will be at the Coast Collective Art Centre in Victoria in time for Easter.

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