Wednesday 10 February 2016

The White Rabbit

Lately, I have been making dolls based on Alice in Wonderland and this latest is no exception.  I made a companion piece to my Red Queen, the White Rabbit as Herald.

He is from a design by Karyn Ruby  (on "Etsy") from Lethbridge, Alberta.  I love her patterns.  The directions are good and the patterns are fun to make.  He stands about 12", just a perfect size.  His eyes are glass and the stand is made using a round piece of pine and and a round spool for him to lean against.  The stand was sanded, painted bright red and given a coat of sealer and then I added a wee ribbon that has white hearts around the base.  His horn was in my stash!

The rabbit is made from an off-white rayon type fur fabric.

I added eyelids using ultra suede and his nose is waxed.

The Queen of Hearts was very pleased with his performance.
Stay tuned for the next Alice in Wonderland instalment, the Mad Hatter!


  1. What a delight, his accessories are perfect! Thank you Maria ♥

  2. Oh WOW, and thank you for your kind words♥ Your dolls are awesome, you give them loads of character and I can see you put your heart and soul into them..Bravo!


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